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At first take, Amanda might come off unassuming, but don't let her calm demeanor fool you. This girl has a fierce spirit and is going places. She is committed to becoming the person she wants to be (sounds easy - it isn't.) all while going out of her way to support her community and the people she cares about. I [Kari] remember when Amanda told me her goal was to stand for an entire song and then it was to stand for an entire song and hold the beat. She has never stopped setting goals for herself and continues to smash them. This attitude and work ethic inspires others -riders and instructors- to never settle for anything less than his or her best. A true RINSE ride or die, a powerful force, and a beautiful soul. Thank you for all you bring to RINSE, Amanda.

Amanda helps out at the front desk Friday's at 5:30p! Learn more about her below.

What’s your 9-5?

My full-time gig is being the Creative Services Director at Mitosis where I help guide the creative process and make sure that we don’t miss any important details along the way.

Outside of your 9-5 – tell us about all the badass things you’re up to:

I’ve been training for my first half marathon, working on a freelance project for The 12 Musketeers, volunteering for local events, karaoke whenever I can, and my husband and I just adopted our first pet named Carl who has already stolen our hearts! [pictured because he is so on brand]

In your opinion, what makes RINSE's community so unique?

Dedication All the Way! They show up for themselves and for each other. They have that “Don’t Stop - Get it, Get it” life mentality that flourishes through everyone they surround. They lean on each other when struggling, offer support in times of need, and inspire you to keep pushing through even when it’s tough!

Best RINSE memory?

I have so many and I cannot pick a favorite so I’ll just provide some of my favorite highlights:

· My Birthday ride last year when I finally was able to stand for an entire song! I was so proud of myself and am still thankful to have this memory and remember how far I have come in the last year.

· Last year’s Black Friday ride was definitely one to remember along with the longest arm song I think we’ve ever done! Lol

· Attending Abby’s 6am class when Mickey and I were the only two who showed up! I still remember watching our feet hit the beat at the same time over and over and just gave me chills at how amazing that was!

· Valentine’s Day ride where I volunteered to ride lead so another RINSE rider could ride.

· The breakup ride with the fireblock district space and specifically hearing Kari sing Bye Bye Bye as the ride began!

· The first time I rode to the Drezo Remix of “Made You Look” was fire and that was when I found the love for those heavy hills and isolations!

What other workouts do you do outside of RINSE?

I enjoy running, yoga, and really anything that challenges me.

Fave quote or words to live by?

Blow your own damn mind!

What’s your #1 life hack?

If your trying to jam your favorite song on your phone but it’s just not loud enough, place your phone into a bowl.

How has RINSE impacted your life?

I’ll never forget my first ride at RINSE. It was a moment in time that changed everything that followed for me. It reminded me how it felt to be vulnerable and how you have two options – you can choose to push through that vulnerability, or you can choose to walk away from it. I chose to push, and I’ve been pushing hard ever since. RINSE truly awakened me and reminded me of how strong and beautiful I am and have always been. I’ve never been as confident in myself as I am today and I cannot thank all of the RINSE instructors enough for playing a huge role in helping me get here! Don’t ever put boundaries on your goals and remember that working out can actually be FUN!

What is your favorite ride and why?

Rinse Repeats! This ride is a prime example of how less can be more. No need for choreography, just you and the bike battling it out for 50 minutes! You will work hard. You will find your heart pushing your mind to new limits and those strong gritty beats? Oh yeah, they will get your blood pumping! (And did I mention Kari brings a whistle and a whiteboard?!)

Song you have on repeat?

“It Don’t Exist” by Bayside or “Greatest” by Eminem

Advice you have for new riders?

We ride as one at RINSE but always remember that the ride is yours. Decide what you need, Take what you need, push when you need to push, and recover when you need to recover. Let your fear drive you into a new beginning and step out of that comfort zone. I know you won’t regret it.

What does RINSE mean to you?

RINSE means to Let Go. Let go of all the boundaries you have built and let go of the fear of failing and hold onto those moments when you find excitement and feel free. So many of us have felt like we are running on empty but maybe we’re not empty – we’re just carrying too much around with us and its holding us down. I felt that way for a long time. RINSE gives me that chance to balance myself and decide when to let things go and when to hold on.



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