Known for her Monday night hip hop ride, tough hills, and hovers, Kelsey agreed to answer all your questions so you could learn a bit more about her. You can find Kelsey on the schedule, Mondays at 7pm, Thursdays at 7pm, and Saturdays at 10:30am. Check out her answers below!

Who/what inspires you? 

My family, I really don't know what I would do without them.  Inspiration to me is when someone gives me the motivation to do something good for myself when I may not have all the confidence I need at that time.  My family is my strength and they are the reason I am the person I am today!

How many sister’s do you have? Any brothers?

I have 3 amazing sisters, I share the middle child title :-)

What is the thing you love most about spin and what do you like the least or struggle with the most?  

  • What I love most about spin is that it isn't running 😂.  I seriously just can't get into the whole running thing, I'm sorry. Spinning gives you such a great workout, both cardio and full body, that it is hard to find another work-out that matches the intensity.  And what I love most about RINSE is the community that we have.  I have been to so many boutique gyms and studios and I truly believe that the community that we have at RINSE is so unique and genuine.  

  • What I struggle with the most is treating each song like it is the last song.  It is so easy to save your energy and not work as hard in certain parts of the ride because you want to make sure you can finish the ride strong, basically it's easy to cheat yourself on the bike. As humans it's easy to stay in our comfort zone and do what we know we are capable of doing, it is extremely difficult to push yourself to a point where you are uncomfortable and exhausted but pushing yourself to that limit is where you see change.  My goal is to start working harder and focusing on pushing and challenging that limit a little bit each ride, every song should be a little more uncomfortable than the last!

What do you do to keep fit outside of RINSE?

I play a lot of soccer! RINSE takes up quite a few nights and weekends but Wednesday nights are dedicated to running around on a soccer field.

What’s your biggest pet peeve, on and off the saddle?  

  • On the saddle my biggest pet peeve is people talking during class.  We work hard to make bring a positive and encouraging energy into the bike room. Connecting with the bike, the music and the instructor are a big part of experience.  When there is noise and conversation coming from others in the class it can be very distracting to individuals around them and to me as an instructor trying to focus. 

  • Off the bike, my biggest pet peeve....when I hold a door open for someone and they don't say Thank You or even give me a smile or nod to let me know they appreciate it!  Seriously people is it that hard!!

Biggest vice? 

Ice Cream, I have a serious addiction.  I could eat multiple pints of the Talenti Gelato in one sitting, it's a delicious problem to have. 

How did you become an instructor?

My aunt owned a spinning studio in Cincinnati for a little over a decade, so from an early age becoming a spin instructor was always a dream of mine.  I honestly never thought it would become a reality but after my very first RINSE class I knew that this was going to be my opportunity to make a dream come to true.  And even though it was always a dream of mine and it seemed like an easy yes, I had a LOT of doubts about actually doing it.  When the opportunity finally came about I let a lot of negativity control my thoughts, I believed that I had to look a certain way to be a fitness instructor or I had to have confidence that I didn't feel like I had at the time.  I probably talked myself out of it 4 or 5 times before I officially committed to an audition.  Luckily I had the courage to at least try and I seriously can't express enough how much of a positive impact this journey has had on my life!  So for those of you who may doubt yourself from time to time remember:

  • Never say anything to yourself that you don't want to come true

  • Push yourself because no one is going to do it for you

  • Create the version of you that you want to be

How did you find out about RINSE? 

Britt Reynolds invited me to the Facebook group for the garage rides.  I remember the anticipation of waiting for a Facebook post on Wednesday nights and the frenzy of comments trying to grab saddles for the week! 😂 THANK YOU BRITT!!!

Do you get nervous before the ride?

EVERY SINGLE RIDE!  I am naturally a very introverted person so getting in front of a class of people knowing they will be looking at me for about an hour still gives me little butterflies in my stomach.  But each ride gets a little easier and each ride I gain a little bit more confidence!

Were you always an athletic person?

I have always been an athletic person, I played soccer through college and continued playing as an adult (just a bit slower and more injury prone than I was in my younger days 😂).  

Who are your role models?

My parents.  I know this might seem like a cliche response but it is so true.  My parents raised 4 daughters which is no easy task, we were all 3-4 years apart which meant they had a teenager for a daughter for over a decade (so many emotions for so many years hahaha).  But in all seriousness they raised all of us to be strong, independent woman by example.  They encouraged us to pursue our passions, taught us to take risks, and pushed us to embrace our struggles and not let them hold us back. 

What is your 9-5?

I am a Project Manager at CDO Technologies.  I have been a PM for a little over 5 years now and recently started my job at CDO about 8 months ago.  And if I can offer a quick piece of advice from my recent career move for anyone who may be going through a similar situation, it is to always follow your instinct and don't be afraid of change.  I was at a job for about 4 years that was extremely stressful, people were overworked and under-appreciated and I was scared to leave because the 'what ifs' can be terrifying.  I finally made the decision to leave and it was the best decision I could have made, it has had such a positive impact on both my career and my personal life.  

What is your exercise routine outside of RINSE? 

I play soccer at least 1 night a week and try to hit up the gym once or twice a week for a little cross training.  Typically 4-5 days each week are dedicated to RINSE 🙌!!

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