You all had some GREAT questions. Some were tough to answer... enjoy!

What’s your pet peeve when you’re teaching a class?

Broadly, when people don’t follow the RINSE etiquette.

More specifically, when people talk during a ride. I know my voice doesn’t carry well anyway and there are people who have a hard time hearing me and then if you add more voices it makes it even more difficult. Lately I have been working on speaking in a drop in music and attempting to drop my voice so it carries better. It takes a lot of effort and thought to teach well without all that and when people talk it’s a big distraction.

OR when people check their heart rate a lot on their watches. I promise even though it feels like I am trying to kill you, your heart is just fine. :)

How do you keep yourself free from injury?

RINSE is actually a big way I keep myself free from injury. I was doing a lot of higher impact activities and was continually getting hurt. Since bikes are so low impact I am able to get the intensity I want without the impact on my body. 

Within RINSE, I notice my body starts to break down when I consistently push over 10 rides a week - so I try to limit the number of rides I do per week. Eating well is a big component and also I do (or try to) 1 day a week of 30 minutes of stretching and foam rolling. I get myself to US Cryotherapy when I am having a hard time getting rid of soreness/aches/pains on my own. I also love Andrea at AcuLife for acupuncture - I was having issues with my back and migraines late winter/early spring and she fixed me right up!

How many times do you recommend riding per week? (I know this is a complicated answer).  

The non-complicated answer is whatever feels best to your body and works with your life.

It is different for everyone. Looking at your goals, knowing how else you like to sweat, and finding balance. That can look like 1-6 times per week (I do think 1 day off or to do something different is valuable).

Have you always wanted to open your own space?

I started off my freshman year of college as a nursing major, so no I didn’t always know. ha

A lot of my experiences really set me up for wanting to do this. In my jobs I would always just want someone to give me a chance to run something from start to finish - something of my own. It wasn’t until more recently that I realized I wanted that to be more.

What inspires you most during a ride?

Riders. When you all show up and bring all the vibes, try new, complex choreography and totally crush it, or in repeats when we have finished the “last one” and you automatically get right back into starting position for more. I MEAN COME ON. How can I not be inspired?!

What are your goals for the space in the next year?

We have experienced so much growth in a year. More than I could have ever anticipated. For this next year, I want to get into a steady rhythm where we build a super solid foundation, bring in some new instructors, and start doing more things that celebrate the incredible community we have.

Oh, and get a front desk, finish painting, etc etc… ha

What tattoo do you want next?

I would really like to get the RINSE drop (not on my face).

Where do I get a RINSE CYCLE car sticker?


What do you have, if anything, between double classes? One of the juices?

I don’t double as much as I used to… at least back to back. I used to always have an apple sauce pouch in between rides for quick carbs.

What else do you recommend to add to an exercise regimen that would build on the RINSE routine?

Good nutrition is #1. I have found it is a game changer in how my body performs and responds AND in my mental focus. Probably not the answer you were looking for but for me this is difficult (I would eat nothing but cheese if I could) and also the most impactful. Sleep and water also fall into this. Megan is so proud of me right now.

To answer in the way I think you were wanting, I think it depends on what you are looking to accomplish and what makes you feel good! Functional weight lifting/body weight exercises and yoga (or stretching/foam rolling) would be my personal choices for things that would amplify what we do at RINSE.

What do you recommend to wear to a ride?

A tight fitting pant, crop or longer short - ideally a performance fabric (not cotton). For guys a short to the knee if want something loose. Bike shorts work great too… supportive bra, and a tank/tee! Something comfortable and allows lots of movement. 

A cycling shoe with SPD cleats is perfect but a supportive gym shoe also works.

What’s YOUR favorite RINSE memory?

Oh, wow… I’m not really sure how I pick just one.

I want to say the photoshoot ride but I think that is just because it is fresh in my mind… it is definitely top 5.

The first sellout ride with 20 bikes and having my mom there for it was really special as RINSE truly wouldn’t exist for so many reasons without her.

Can we talk about the Black Friday ride from last year? If you were there you know. There was this overwhelming flood of energy full of love and gratitude that brought [my mostly German eyes to] tears. It was incredible.

When Kara and Kelsey lead classes on their own and I got to be in the pack for the first time. THAT was a moment.

Last ride in the temp space -

First ride in the gas station -

But what really sticks out is the first ride after the electrician fixed the lights in the gas station. June 11th, just a normal ride, not packed, not the most amazing playlist, not my best or favorite ride by any means, but the first time I really felt like the vision had come to life. After all the months of literal blood, sweat, and tears I finally saw it, it had finally happened. I made the mistake of having ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ as the first cool down song and I had trouble holding it together.

Is someone cutting onions?

What are your favorite foods/snacks for recovery? 

Well not a food, but if you need a little boost I found this little drink called Super Coffee and I will tell you, it is appropriately named. I also swear by collagen peptides for recovery - my joints aren’t the same without it.

I LOVE Perfect Bars - they are my go to in a pinch and what I eat for breakfast before morning rides.

Since it is still hot I have a go to smoothie that Megan (Noble Strength & Wellness) gave to me with frozen berries, almond milk, greek yogurt, spinach, and almond butter… sometimes I add protein powder to it.

Not sure how great it is for recovery but I really love cheese.

What’s your favorite song to ride to?

Ok, so hardest question yet…

If I am feeling poppy - Unstoppable by Sia

If I am feeling hip hoppy - Hedegaard’s remix of P.I.M.P.

If I am feeling gritty - Pressure by RL Grime

If I want to go fast - right now… Killa Shit Funk by Black Caviar but honorable mention to La Luna by Kryder

Best all around has to go to ‘Country Summer’ which is an overlay/mashup of Country Grammar by Nelly and Indian Summer by Jai Wolf. I feel like it is a combination of my past and present all in one song that shouldn’t work but plays out in an unexpected, beautiful way.

(I realize I didn’t mention to a of my favorites which seems weird: ZHU, THEY., and Drezo still have my <3)

What did you do before creating the RINSE empire and lululemon?

My first job out of school was as a manager for Ann Taylor Loft - 2009 was a tough year to graduate… if you are doing the math I graduated early. :)

My first office job was doing marketing and graphic design for a company that sold industrial auto electrical equipment (J&N). Part of my training was learning how to build a starter and an alternator. Then I tried to make them look so pretty that people just had to buy them.

I started working at lululemon part time while still at J&N. Left  J&N to manage a yoga studio that was just opening along with lululemon. Then went full-time at lululemon which brought me to Dayton. Was recruited by a healthcare industry start up with an offer of what seemed to be my dream job. It wasn’t. And that is where I was before starting RINSE.

What motivated/inspired you to take the leap and start your own business?

It was one of those things like, ‘if I had the time or the money…’ and then all of a sudden, I had the time and decided I would figure out the rest and started making plans.

I was let go from my previous job. I cried. I called my mom. I hugged my husband and kissed my son. I went for a run. I felt heartbroken and free at the same time. I came back with a clear mind and got to work on RINSE.

It was a handful of really small steps before making a big leap. Like filling for an LLC and tax ID, and creating logo mockups to share with a focus group. I knew if I didn’t do it someone else would, and if it wasn’t me I was going to be all kinds of pissed. I didn’t know what it was going to look like or how it would work but I knew I could figure it out (and am still figuring it out) along the way. I knew I would regret not at least trying. I wanted to be able to tell my son from a very genuine place - not just something you say - that you can make your dream a reality.

Would you rather, teach a class with NO music or teach a class with the same song on repeat?

Same song on repeat - maybe a hella long remix or Loyal by ODESZA… I listened to it 9 times in a row the other day. Couldn’t stop.

What are some of your goals? Long term, short term, personal, or RINSE related?

Short term personal - finding more balance: making more time for myself, my family, and my friends. Take a weekend trip for my birthday. Run another half marathon. Read a few books on my list. Learn how to take a day off ha.

Long term personal - I want to be involved with community growth on a larger scale. I would love to mentor small businesses, have a consulting company, really do anything I can to come along side people who have a heart for helping others and a big dream. I also am really looking forward to being a soccer/swim/mathlete/whateverCalvinchoosestodo mom. 

Short term RINSE - Create sustainable growth. It is really hard for me -and this is just who I am- that I don’t know everyone’s name anymore. I want everyone walking through our doors to have a positive experience whether or not the ride is for them. I think this comes from making some kind of connection with them and right now I am trying to figure out what that looks like with having separate rooms, more people, more bikes, etc. 

We are planning more community events, special rides (bringing back team teaches!), an instructor training, and more!

Long term RINSE - I don’t think RINSE can be contained to Dayton. I see locations popping up in other cities.

What is the most common mistake you see riders making?

Can I pick 2? Not pushing through their heel (pointed toes) and putting too much weight in their handle bars.

What do you do for exercise outside of the many classes you teach?

Right now, basically nothing. ha 

Teaching 8+ times a week, running the business side of RINSE, having a 2 year old, trying to maintain relationships has me pretty capped out. I would like to start getting back to yoga and running 1x a week and adding in a day to strength train. When my schedule shifted with the move to the new space, I never adjusted to work those back in. Who wants to be my accountability buddy? 

Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

No. Rachel says, “Maybe we should take a break” and Ross just leaves. If someone says, 'Maybe we should go to taco bell’ and they don’t tell you whether or not they are on an all carb diet then how are you supposed to know whether or not you are going to taco bell?

What workouts do you do outside of Rinse? In other words, how do I get those abs? 🙌🏼

Right now I do little to nothing outside of RINSE. I would like to strength train, run, and do yoga 1 day per week… I ran last week for the first time in a few weeks and I can’t tell you the last time I made it to yoga or strength trained…

My abs are a combination of RINSE, eating at a B+, and genetics (I joke that my quads get bigger every time I walk up the stairs because of my ability to build muscle). SO keep working those turns, stabilizing through your core, and be consciously aware of how your core is working/not working throughout the ride. 

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