Hey Everyone!

This year we are hosting the “12 Days of RINSEMAS” Holiday Drive – an opportunity for you to Tap Back AND Give Back this holiday season! The drive starts on Monday December 17th and runs through the 29th! Below is everything you need to know to make the holidays a little easier on many of or friends and neighbors here in Dayton:

We are supporting two organizations:

BOGG Ministries - a mobile food pantry that visits 9 communities in the Dayton area monthly to provide groceries to upwards of 180 families each day. At BOGG, $1 provides 2 meals and $15 feeds 1 person for 1 month.

St. Vincent De Paul Shelter (SVdP) - a shelter located in Dayton that provides emergency assistance, support services and shelter to those in need living in the Montgomery County and surrounding communities. They support over 100,000 people per year through their variety of services and shelter nearly 4,000 people per year.

You can donate cash to BOGG, or items to SVdP! We have a cash box for cash donations, but BOGG also offers an option to donate on their website www.thebogg.org via PushPay. Just open BOGG’s site, click “Help By Donating” and voila! Be sure to mark “RINSE Cycle Dayton” in the memo field, take a screen shot, and show us to claim your tickets!

Items on the urgent need list for SVdP: unexpired food & food service items (Such as dried pasta, can goods, coffee, cooking oil, instant potatoes, seasonings, condiments, jelly, rice, paper goods - cups, plates bowls and plastic ware - flatware, plastic food storage bags), new underwear (adult and children's), bath towels, wash cloths, sweatpants and shirts (men's and women's medium to 3x), deodorant, new socks (children and adults), pajamas and twin sheets or sheet sets.

You will get tickets for the following donations:


$5 donation gets you 1 entry

$10 gets you 3 entries

$15 gets you 5 entries

For SVdP

Food or Food Service Item Donation gets yous 1 entry

Clothing gets you 3 entries

Household item gets you 5 entries

There is no limit on the amount of tickets you can get! The winner will be drawn on the 29th, and the prizes are as follows:

1st drawing, or 3rd place: $25 RINSE credit + $10 Ghostlight Gift Card

2nd drawing, or 2nd place: $50 RINSE credit + 2 16oz Santa Clara Juices

3rd drawing, or 1st place: 1 month unlimited + 1 salad pack from Top Knot Kitchen

If anyone has any questions please contact Cassi at ballincm@yahoo.com



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